Cheapest 3D Printing in Bangladesh

3D Printing is the future of manufacturing. Involute Tech BD is offering you the best 3D printing solution at the most affordable price in Bangladesh. We offer 3D printing quality as per your requirement and affordability. We have wide variety of materials and surface finish to give your model a finished look. Our experts will guide to choose the best  Solution for your model. Let’s upload your model here for an estimated quote.

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Currently, Supported formats are .stl and .obj

* Our minimum pricing for any single 3D model is 100 TK.
** If you want to calculate cost for more than five models, you can email us directly at

For any query contact us:
01515-293853 or 01534-589990

Per Unit Price >> 12.5 TK / cm^3

N.B – Give the number of quantity at the comment section. 

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  • ABS White
  • ABS Red
  • ABS Black
  • NinjaFlex TPE (Flexible)
  • PLA White
  • PLA Silver
  • Black TPU
  • Black PLA
  • Blue PLA

Currently Supports on PC/ Tablet Devices Only

Some of Our 3D Printed Models